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Ever since pearls were cherished as the most precious of the gifts of the gods some 3,500 years before Christ, they have

possessed an aura of mystery and mystique. In ancient and medieval history, pearls were religious symbols of purity, harmony

humility and the gift of life, and were endowed with great magical and medicinal properties. As gems of rare beauty,

they have been the favourites of royalty in courts all over the world. Today, pearls are not only gems of romance and the poignancy

of love, rich in meaning and sentiment; they are also used in medicine. The dishes here at the Pearl of India Restaurant are among the

finest in Indian cuisine, dating back to the days of Moghul rulers and Maharajahs (around 1300 A.D.). Their choice, quality and taste make

this restaurant the Pearl of Indian restaurants in North America. Since our inception in 1991 Pearl of India has been one of the finest Indian

cuisine in Ottawa. At Pearl each guest receives professional, friendly and courteous service. We only use fresh ingredients of utmost quality,

making good use of the premium Indian and Canadian produce. We strive to be a giving member of the community and excel to improve the

quality of life in the National Capital Region.